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How easily can I switch from a buyer to become a Creator?


Blocasset has made it very easy for users to easily switch to their different dashboard.

As a Creator, what other cryptocurrency can I get paid in?


For now, we support only MATIC on Polygon, that means you’ll get paid for your assets in MATIC on Polygon(Native cryptocurrency of the Polygon Blockchain ), but we would be adding support for more cryptocurrencies as we go.

As a creator, when do I get paid?


Payouts are made instantly to your wallet address (used to publish the asset). When buyers pay for an asset, Blocasset immediately sends out your creator’s percentage to your wallet.

Do I need to pay to become a contributor on Blocasset?


No, to become a contributor on Blocasset is totally free.

What are the requirements to be a contributor on Blocasset?


The Requirements for being a contributor aren’t much, you just have to provide your valid Behance or Dribble links, an email address, a unique display name and your wallet address. You can also choose to be completely anonymous if you want, but not recommended.

Is there a verification process for contributors? And how long does it take?


Yes, there is a verification process for Contributors, we confirm all provided requirements you give us and it doesn’t take more than a day to Approve.

As a buyer or creator, can I edit my wallet address?


No, your profile is tied to your wallet address, the wallet address used to create the profile, you can create a new contributor’s profile, by connecting with another address. We will be introducing transferrable ownership in the future, then you can change your address.

After reviewing your profile and your submitted portfolio, we are sorry to inform you that your verification didn’t go through.

Your account is currently in verification stage, you will get a notification and be able to upload asset as soon as you get verified

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